Transportation companies will have the chance to upgrade their existing driver and staff pay package this year with the launch of Flexx Benefits by NAL Insurance, the first program to cover wellness-related expenses.

NAL has been committed to providing wellness solutions to drivers and staff for the past decade, implementing one of the industry’s first driver-focused wellness programs in 2013. Since then, they’ve run partnerships with the American Trucking Association, the Truckload Carriers Association, and Lifeworks (formerly Morneau-Shepell) to provide more resources and education to those looking to live a healthier lifestyle on and off the road.

Now that will be even easier, with Flexx Benefits providing company drivers, owner operators and staff the opportunity to save significantly on health and wellness expenses that aren’t covered by traditional benefits programs. “It’s important that we come up with unique solutions to attract the best and brightest people to our industry. Compensation is always one of driver’s top concerns. We’ve now got a way to make it better!” said Aaron Lindsay, President at NAL Insurance.

With Flexx, employees contribute Flexx Funds directly from their pay. Then when they incur a health and wellness related expenses, they are able to access these Flexx Funds to pay for them, allowing their money to go further than if they had paid for those expenses out of pocket. By paying with Flexx Funds, drivers and staff can avoid costly payroll deductions like Federal Income Tax, Provincial Income Tax, Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance which can save them 24%-52% on eligible expenses.

Wellness expenses that are covered through Flexx, based on an individual’s health history, include fitness equipment, wearable health devices including Apple Watches and Fitbits, fitness apparel, gym memberships, and more.

Studies have indicated that because of the unique nature of their jobs, professional truck drivers are significantly more likely to experience a variety of health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, repetitive strain injuries, among others. While many carriers have provided resources with the goal of improving staff and driver health, Flexx will make buying the right tools even more accessible and affordable for everyone.

In the event that a driver or staff member does not incur enough expenses in a year to utilize all of their Flexx Funds, the full money back guarantee means that they can request to receive their money back at anytime, though standard tax and deductions will apply as the money is treated as income.

Flexx will be launching a 90-Day Pilot Program with 25 Carriers starting on July 1st 2023. During this pilot, there will be no fees and no cost for the Flexx program for drivers and staff. “It’s important that we get our new Flexx Platform into the hands of some of the Top Trucking Companies in Canada so we can get feedback from their drivers and staff. The Flexx Pilot will allow us to better understand the ongoing health and wellness expenses in our industry and find ways to cover them through Flexx Benefits.” says Lindsay.  To learn more or apply to be a part of the Flexx Pilot Program please visit